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My Book on Verizon –

My Book on Verizon – Verizon Employees, I have received notification from my publisher on the date that they want my book on Verizon submitted and in publication.  It will be on the bookshelves by the end of this year, … Continue reading

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Past Neglect of Verizon

Past Neglect of Verizon: US Labor Department’s OSHA cites Verizon NY Inc. for repeat and serious safety violations following utility worker’s death in Brooklyn. 1. Verizon Cited only $13,500 for the Death in 2007 of Mr. Gary Gibbons in Plymouth MA. … Continue reading


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OSHA / Verizon

April 12 2013 Occupational Safety Health and Administration Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Mr. David Michaels 200 Constitutional Ave NW, Washington, DC. 20210 Email: Ref: Request an Investigation into Verizon failure to protect and care for the safety … Continue reading

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Verizon / United States Department of Labor

April 4, 2013   United States Department of Labor United States Secretary of Labor Mr. Seth Harris 200 Constitutional Ave NW, Washington, DC. 20210                                                                                                         Ref: Request a full investigation into Verizon Communications Federal Violations and illegal Practices   United … Continue reading

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United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz;

4/1/2013     U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz 1 Courthouse Way John Joseph Moakley Courthouse Boston, MA. 02110   Ref: Request an investigation Federal Perjury Charges   United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz;               Good day ma’am, my name is Neal … Continue reading

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