United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz;




U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz

1 Courthouse Way

John Joseph Moakley Courthouse

Boston, MA. 02110


Ref: Request an investigation Federal Perjury Charges


United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz;


            Good day ma’am, my name is Neal W. Dias and I am from Swansea Massachusetts.  I am writing you today as a follow up from my late 2012 conversation with the United States Department of Justice.  I called and spoke to a representative about my situation as it related to Verizon Communications cover-ups and possible Federal violations.

I expressed my concern about the possible crimes of perjury, and the evidence that I had as of the depositions that were taken in the spring of 2011.  Now that my trial is complete, the evidence of a few managers from Verizon has been proven to be correct, as they did in fact commit a crime.

            I have as evidence the Federal Depositions of a few members of Verizon Communication, the transcripts in my trial “Dias v Verizon” March 11-15th 2013, and several of Verizon’s own documents proven my case of perjury to be exact.      

I will not put together and long and detailed letter about me and 9 years of hell fighting for justice, but will attach a link to my story below but in brief; I was a successful former Verizon Manager that witnessed a very abusive, sometimes a very violent and racial workplace.  I witnessed verbal and physical threats.  I witnessed the intentional sabotaging of employees and their lives as well as mine.  I witnessed management target certain employees to build cases against them with intent to set them up to suspend or fire them.  I witnessed management state that will lie, if need be, too harm the union employees.  I witnessed such malicious bullying from managers to their subordinates.  I know of a female in Verizon that was touched inappropriately, complain about it and was advised that the male managers only touched you once.  She was later targeted by this same manager who was the perpetrator and fired her in retaliation.  

I have witnessed managers steal safety items off the vehicles and have other manager’s drive by and write the employees up to build cases against them and they called it a safety ride.  I have witnessed Directors and Area Managers at Verizon have meetings on ways to target selected employees with intent on creating havoc in their lives as a personal vindictiveness.  I have seen, heard and witnessed brutal treatment and that was supported by upper management as their philosophy was; “This was the way to improve productivity.”  I have seen, witnessed and been a victim of “Verizon’s EEO, Verizon’s Corporate Security and Upper management” ignore the violence within Verizon only to protect the perpetrators. 

I have seen Verizon donate to violence against woman but condone it within Verizon.  I have seen Verizon donate money to minority groups like the NAACP but allow black to be called racial names, get targeted because they were black and the racist employees still are able to maintain positions at Verizon.  I have seen Verizon donate to anti-bullying, but responded in a position statement to a State / Federal Agency approving of a bully’s actions because he was an “Equal Opportunity Offender,” he just did not bully the minorities he bullies everyone.  I have seen Verizon management threaten, swear at and downgrade employees with not discipline, but when the roles are reversed, the union technicians are punished to the fullest including termination.  I witnessed managers speak negatively about the gays and lesbians at Verizon and never was held accountable for their actions.  The list goes on, and I will eventually provide you with plenty of proof, as I request your agency to conduct a thorough investigation.  I have proof that Verizon indeed fails to investigate criminal and civil acts within their company, State and Federal as well.  I have proof that Verizon does in fact leave employees to fend for themselves, while keeping the employee in an unsafe and unhealthy work environment.   I have proof that Verizon Corporate Security and Verizon EEO claim they conduct full investigations into claims of harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence within the Workplace, then submit false investigations into States and Federal agencies only to falsify and perjure themselves – never conducting a full and complete investigation.   I will prove the corruption from the beginning. 

I am writing you today as I am requesting justice from you and the Department of Justice of Perjury Charges.  I have the proof and evidence to now prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual’s below did in fact commit a crime of falsification, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence and perjury:


  • Verizon’s Director Mr. John Puopolo
  • Verizon’s AOM Mr. Paul McCarthy
  • Verizon’s AOM Ms. Patricia Regan
  • Verizon’s Control Foreman Ms. Kathy Bertolino
  • and a Mr. Richard Gittens (former Verizon Manager)


I am asking “The U.S. Justice Department” to help me seek justice and investigate my allegation into this matter.  I was denied the opportunity of justice as per say because of the individuals above fabricated the evidence in depositions and in the federal courtroom, committing the most ultimate crime of perjury.


As I see it they have committed Federal Crimes and these crimes can include prison time and or fines.


  • Perjury
  • Possible other Federal Violations
  • Tampering with Evidence
  • & Obstruction of Justice


It has always been my understanding that good people can seek justice and when you lie, consequences are faced.  I have always done the right thing and helped to protect the unprotected.  I am asking you to please help guide me in to letting me know what I have to do to, complete this request for an investigation. 


I am thankful for your time, help and consideration.  You can contact me at any time in this matter.  I then can and will send you everything needed to conduct a full criminal investigation.


“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

Neal W. Dias

My Story:



My Speeches:
Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in Boston Massachusetts July 7, 2012 (Video):

Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in New York April 30, 2012 (Video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6pPe2gqGRI&feature=share

Civil Rights and Anti-Bullying Leadership Summit in Hartford Connecticut at the Legislators Building, August 9, 2012
**(Neal W. Dias – fast forward to 02:41:56 – 02:56:09)**

National Workplace Bullying Press Conference in Washington DC October 15th 2012




About justiceatverizon

Neal W. Dias – Bio I am a 46 year old former U.S. Marine, who was brought up by my father, due to my mother passing away when I was 8 years old. I have five children, and a grandchild and a wonderful wife. I was born in 1965, in Fall River Massachusetts. I lived on the 2nd floor from my Grandmother. I come from a very large family Cape Verdean family. In 1973 we moved from the city, into the suburban neighborhood, a place called Swansea. It was that year when I lost my mother in an auto mobile accident. In 1984 I went into the U.S. Marines which enforced respect for one self and our Nation. After getting out of the Marines, I furthered my education and received my first degree, which was in Electrical Technology. In 1997 I was hired by Nynex (now called Verizon), as a lineman. In 2004 I was promoted to manager as I was in the process of working on my second degree in Business Management and advanced to upper management, rapidly. I was a valued leader on the Verizon Diversity Committee, and spoke at several locations. I was on the Diversity committee and was directly responsible for ensure the first ever Verizon’s Diversity Week went on without any hitches. I was awarded for my success in New York by the Verizon New England President. I was apart of other specialized organizations within Verizon to ensure my voice was heard as I stood up against Bullying, Harassment, Racism and Discrimination was not accepted with the Verizon walls. But it was in 2004 when I was promoted, I began to see Verizon employees getting bullied and tormented by Verizon Management. I did what I through was best, and tried to halt the bullying that was taking place at Verizon, then it shifted to me. After standing up against the powers to be, trying to help others I was targeted, harassed, bullied, discriminated against, endured racial harassment and eventually wrongfully terminated. I was brought up with the belief of how you treat people, is how you will be treated. It was embedded into my mind that respect was how it will be in my family. My father said, “Respect people, work hard and life will treat you kind.” This was the belief of a man who was discriminated against for so many years, because of his color, but never changed his values. I knew then, I cannot walk away like so many others that have had to endure such cruelty, and that this bullying issue is larger than me. After seven and a half years my story is still is not over as I am still in federal court in Boston Massachusetts awaiting the second summary of judgment decision. I will continue to fight for justice and my honor. I now have committed my life to help others, and started a blog page which has acquired over 13,000 readings and over 1,500 comments in only a few months. After hearing all these stories, I knew I had to do something and became an advocate for workplace bulling. This is when I stumbled upon “New York Healthy Workplace Advocates.” On April 30, 2012 I was honored to have spoken in Albany New York at the Capital a National Campaign on Workplace Bullying. I am an active Advocate to this cause, in Massachusetts. I have helped to organize many in the fight against Verizon and other companies in the war against bullying in corporate America. I have helped to guide so many to resources to guide these victims in the fight against any form of harassment or discrimination in the workplace, as this is my mission. Neal W. Dias 645 Marvel Street Swansea, MA. 02777 774-319-3931 Fightingfor7years@hotmail.com Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in New York April 30, 2012 (Video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6pPe2gqGRI&feature=share Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in New York April 30, 2012 (Newspaper Article): http://blog.timesunion.com/capitol/archives/128768/savino-englebright-push-bill-to-fight-workplace-bullying/
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