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Verizon – More to Come in 2013

I just wanted to say thank you for all the helpers getting me the email address from every politicians in the country, things are going very well.  My goal is to ensure they all get my story and many of … Continue reading

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Need your help!

Need your help!   Some of you asked if I ever need help, just ask.  Well I need help!  In January our legislators will be back in session in January and in 2013 there are several states looking at the … Continue reading

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Families against Verizon

Families against Verizon So much has happened to me since I decided to expose Verizon for the company that they really are.  Hundreds of thousands of response have come to my attention, over 100,000 followers reading my story and post … Continue reading

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The President of the United States / Bullying

In June of 2012 I decided to reach out to President Barack Obama for help (refer to the letter below). A month later, the President responded to me. Now that he has a second term in office, I promised him … Continue reading

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Verizon – Wrongful Termination Trial Against Verizon

Today the Federal Courts provide me with my trial date against Verizon.  The court date is March 11, 2013 in Federal Court in Boston Massachusetts.  I am more than grateful to the Federal Judicial System for providing me this opportunity … Continue reading

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