Verizon / URGENT – To all Verizon Employees:

URGENT – To all Verizon Employees :

Over the last year as my trial was in progress (Dias v Verizon) we had to take several depositions, listened to management witnesses from Verizon and received many written statements from Verizon as well that they submitted to other agencies that were very important to my case. This has included Verizon’s EEO Officers, Verizon Corporate Security, Verizon’s Legal Department etc….

There # 1 goal was to focus the objective at proving that was case had nothing to do with discrimination and that they treat ALL their employees in the same manner. That they admit to having Historical Bullies working for them but so what, they treat them all the same. They admitted to not punishing management for swearing in the garages but factually punished unions members for swearing. They admitted to several other issued but that is for a later time.
When your focus is on one objective, you lie, you conspire and cover up the truth. You will then tend to allow other evidence to come forth because, you let you guard down. The evidence that Verizon has allowed to the surface is quite disturbing, but that will be sent to the agencies below for an investigation for all of us.

I had advised all of you previously that my lawsuit was just the beginning of what was in store for the future at exposing Verizon for what they not only did to me but to so many other great and dedicated Verizon employees.

Since July 8th 2011, Verizon has begun to offer me monetary gag order settlements with strict rules to shut me up and I refused them all. The last settlement Verizon offered me was $500,000 at Christmas of 2012, why so much money if I was wrong? This gag order was to stop exposing them to the world and telling everyone about Verizon hostile work environment, shut everything down, could not write a tell all book the truth about Verizon and my family had to sign it as well – not going to happen I said, I rather lose in trial than give up my constitutional rights as an American. They did not want anyone to know what really happens inside their home.

Verizon admitted to the extreme NEGLIACE of not protecting their employees. Keeping their employees in very unsafe condition from abusive management and not punishing management when factual evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the Verizon Managers Violated the Verizon Business Code of Conduct. By Verizon having full knowledge of these actions and not taking the appropriate actions, caused Verizon to violate State and Federal Laws as well. There also is a great possibility that now by admitting to these facts in Verizon’s own documentation, statements and court transcripts Verizon may be held accountable criminally as well. It is our right as American citizens and Verizon employees to be protected from harm, and Verizon admitted just the opposite to those facts.

As we speak, my appeal is in process, but what i am going to speak about below is separate from my appeal. This has nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to do with my appeal that is separate. This first of many steps below is the beginning of the many ongoing steps to “Justice at Verizon.” I am never going away Verizon and this is why: “When you’re violated and wronged there is nothing wrong about exposing the perpetrators, it’s our right as victim and it’s our constitutional right.” Bullying invokes the impulse to commit domestic abuse, workplace abuse and is the modus operandi for almost all violence. I will have to use my displeased emotion as fuel to move forward in a positive direction to seek justice for all.

It’s fact Verizon has allowed management to target certain employees, and allowed a hostile work environment to foster. It is fact, that Verizon receives over 104,000 EEO Violations a year which is about 2,000 a week. It is now factual evidence they do nothing to protect many of these employees, because the EEO complaints are against management – so they cover them up, and now I have proof for all of you “PAST and Present” employees.” I told you before, it became more than me, this is much larger. Verizon feels that they can get away with this like they once told me to my face, “We have more money and resources to tie you up for the rest of your life and you and your family will never receive justice” – July 8th 2011.

Individually you may be correct and sometimes single Verizon employees seeking justice against you when they are wringed may not get the justice they received but collectively you are incorrect. Company, State and Federal Laws were in fact broken by Verizon, and now the dance has only begun. Verizon’s endless Negligence to correct these behaviors and allow them for foster generationally will now begin to end. Our voices will be heard and it will come with great sacrifices from all of you Verizon past and present employees.

There are 235,000 employees at Verizon and thousands of you have already shared your displeasure with me through several outlets about the bullying, racial, discriminatory, abusive, retaliation and hostile treatment while working with Verizon. Many on the outside will never understand how bad it really is, because many companies do not operate in this manner – but Verizon does.

Overtime, collectively we are going to let the world know we mean business and change bad behaviors at Verizon and other companies. When we show Verizon we
will not tolerate their lies and bullying, we show the world and other companies “HATE” can no longer exist.

I have already contacted these Federal Agencies below and spoke to them on what I have uncovered at Verizon. They advised me on the proper ways in providing factual evidence in Verizon’s Owns Words on Verizon’s National Neglect to the safety and welfare of the employees. These agencies stated to me that it’d every company’s obligation to protect their employees from harm. They also stated that these companies that do in fact have knowledge of a complaints and fail to protect them employee can be held accountable at the Federal Level up to and including fines and criminal prosecution. These agencies below (not including Congress, The House of Representatives and the President of the United States) have indeed advised me of these consequences when I spoke to them.
• U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
• The U.S. Justice Department
• The U.S. Department of Labor
• The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA)
• The American Federal Labor AFL-CIO
• To the Congress
• The House of Representatives
• And the President of the United States

I will leave no stone unturned after what they did to my family. I will be requesting investigations, fines, criminal prosecution and improved work regulations within Verizon. Verizon will be the foundation and example across this country of how not to let you company end up like them.

I will need all your support and it will be easy. In the near future I will pass on all the contacts and address of each one of the agencies above after two week after I submit the evidence requesting an investigation. I will engage in several petitions asking all of you to sign and forward in the process of too seek justice and correct injustice.

In the last two years I have gathered thousands of Verizon email addresses internal and external. I have gathered each and every union CWA/IBEW offices throughout this country and they will post my request on their sites and pass my request on to help all their members. And will continue to reach over 150,000 supporters worldwide asking them to get this to pass this on to other Verizon employees. So many of you took the time to tell me your own personal story with will not only be in my book that is coming out later this year, but will get to these U.S. Federal Agencies seeking justice at Verizon.

Do not FEAR as “U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), The U.S. Justice Department, The U.S. Department of Labor or The Occupational Health, AFL-CIO and Safety Administration (OHSA) will not pass on your complaint, expose your name or jeopardize your position if your still employees at Verizon. They will protect your rights, while conducting a national investigation having Verizon turn over hundreds of thousands of documentation, while speaking too many of you. They will use my official complaint to the facts and only utilize yours as additional data to support the facts.

This is how we ask for Justice from so many that were unjustly violated as a Verizon employee. I have already my homework, and as they receive not only my statement, proof, the thousands of stories I received as well as your letters. This was why I went to trial verses accepting a “GAG ORDER,” to continue to fight for all your rights and laws to be changed. We will win! When these agencies receives many letters and complaints there is an obligation to answer them and an investigation will uncover Verizon’s neglect to protect only their selected employees as they proved in my case.

These agencies will do their jobs and what I will be requesting is only what we deserve as citizens. We do not know if the Federal Agencies already had received other complaints about this neglect in the past.

Verizon EEO admitted in depositions in 2011 that they receive 104,000 EEO Complaints a year;
• So how many go uninvestigated?
• How many go cover up based on who the complaints is against?
• So how many Verizon employees has been neglected protection from their company?

U.S. EEOC will investigate and decide on:
o Possible Federal Violations
o Possible fines
o and or criminal consequences
 tampering with evidence
 obstruction with justice
 failing to conduct an investigation leading to increased harmful work environments
 And we don’t even know the other criminal penalties Verizon violated as well, as they will decide.

The U.S. Justice Department will investigate and decide on:
o Possible Federal Violations
o Possible fines
o and or criminal consequences
 tampering with evidence
 obstruction with justice
 failing to conduct an investigation leading to increased harmful work environments
 And we don’t even know the other criminal penalties Verizon violated as well as well, as they will decide.

The U.S. Department of Labor will investigate and decide on:
o Possible Federal Violations
o Possible fines
o and or criminal consequences
 tampering with evidence
 obstruction with justice
 failing to conduct an investigation leading to increased harmful work environments
 And we don’t even know the other criminal penalties Verizon violated as well as well, as they will decide.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) will investigate and decide on:
o Possible Federal Violations
o Possible fines
o and or criminal consequences
 tampering with evidence
 obstruction with justice
 failing to conduct an investigation leading to increased harmful work environments
 And we don’t even know the other criminal penalties Verizon violated as well as well, as they will decide.

AFL-CIO – American Federal Labor will investigate and decide on:

o Possible Federal Violations
o Possible fines
o and or criminal consequences
 tampering with evidence
 obstruction with justice
 failing to conduct an investigation leading to increased harmful work environments
 And we don’t even know the other criminal penalties Verizon violated as well as well, as they will decide.

The Federal violations, penalties, and financial consequences can be in the tens to hundreds of millions for allowing their employees to work in an unsafe and unhealthy working environment and having full knowledge of it, this makes the accountable. No telling what they will find one once they uncover Verizon’s cover ups that has occurred over time.

In the movie “Civil Action” (true story in Massachusetts), the attorney he lost a major part of the case for so many that died based on contaminated water but later was able to prove major negligence after the case was over. He then turned over evidence to the Environmental Protection Agency EPA. The Federal investigation cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and a Federal Lawsuit brought by the Government as they were wrong and covered up the truth.

You as Verizon Employees have complained to your coworkers, customers, the media, your friends and family. If you do not STEP UP NOW when the time is right, do not make one more complaint to anyone as you lost your right to do so. I have opened the doors to Verizon’s unethical, abusive environment and illegal operations; it is time for you to now take that next step with me. They need to be held accountable for such actions to all of us.

I will contact you in the near future with the addresses and contacts to forward your complaints and stories. It will take me a little time to put together
exactly what they requested but I will let all of you know when it’s submitted.

I may lose my home, have to start over in life but I will not lose my family or my right to expose Verizon. I was a great employee, a moral employee and did not deserve the treatment I was forced to endure. For this reason I cannot stop!

Thank you,

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

Neal W. Dias

My Blog Page:
Blog Address (GOOGLE): Bullying at Verizon – Enough is Enough

• Justice at Verizon
• Enough is Enough – Stop Workplace Bullying

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About justiceatverizon

Neal W. Dias – Bio I am a 46 year old former U.S. Marine, who was brought up by my father, due to my mother passing away when I was 8 years old. I have five children, and a grandchild and a wonderful wife. I was born in 1965, in Fall River Massachusetts. I lived on the 2nd floor from my Grandmother. I come from a very large family Cape Verdean family. In 1973 we moved from the city, into the suburban neighborhood, a place called Swansea. It was that year when I lost my mother in an auto mobile accident. In 1984 I went into the U.S. Marines which enforced respect for one self and our Nation. After getting out of the Marines, I furthered my education and received my first degree, which was in Electrical Technology. In 1997 I was hired by Nynex (now called Verizon), as a lineman. In 2004 I was promoted to manager as I was in the process of working on my second degree in Business Management and advanced to upper management, rapidly. I was a valued leader on the Verizon Diversity Committee, and spoke at several locations. I was on the Diversity committee and was directly responsible for ensure the first ever Verizon’s Diversity Week went on without any hitches. I was awarded for my success in New York by the Verizon New England President. I was apart of other specialized organizations within Verizon to ensure my voice was heard as I stood up against Bullying, Harassment, Racism and Discrimination was not accepted with the Verizon walls. But it was in 2004 when I was promoted, I began to see Verizon employees getting bullied and tormented by Verizon Management. I did what I through was best, and tried to halt the bullying that was taking place at Verizon, then it shifted to me. After standing up against the powers to be, trying to help others I was targeted, harassed, bullied, discriminated against, endured racial harassment and eventually wrongfully terminated. I was brought up with the belief of how you treat people, is how you will be treated. It was embedded into my mind that respect was how it will be in my family. My father said, “Respect people, work hard and life will treat you kind.” This was the belief of a man who was discriminated against for so many years, because of his color, but never changed his values. I knew then, I cannot walk away like so many others that have had to endure such cruelty, and that this bullying issue is larger than me. After seven and a half years my story is still is not over as I am still in federal court in Boston Massachusetts awaiting the second summary of judgment decision. I will continue to fight for justice and my honor. I now have committed my life to help others, and started a blog page which has acquired over 13,000 readings and over 1,500 comments in only a few months. After hearing all these stories, I knew I had to do something and became an advocate for workplace bulling. This is when I stumbled upon “New York Healthy Workplace Advocates.” On April 30, 2012 I was honored to have spoken in Albany New York at the Capital a National Campaign on Workplace Bullying. I am an active Advocate to this cause, in Massachusetts. I have helped to organize many in the fight against Verizon and other companies in the war against bullying in corporate America. I have helped to guide so many to resources to guide these victims in the fight against any form of harassment or discrimination in the workplace, as this is my mission. Neal W. Dias 645 Marvel Street Swansea, MA. 02777 774-319-3931 Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in New York April 30, 2012 (Video): Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in New York April 30, 2012 (Newspaper Article):
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20 Responses to Verizon / URGENT – To all Verizon Employees:

  1. Tom says:

    I am with you brother. I wish that in your fight you can also aqcuiese to our struggles in the sales environment. Verizon is a powerful company with the means to implement mind control tactics that go publicly unchallenged across the board. Verizon is a psychology tour de force that knows how to buy the silence of people. They pay well enough to keep thousands of workers engaged but not well enough to make up for the stress, demoralization, aggravation, confusion and desperation that employees face. Employees need to unite and involve the FCC and expose the fraudulent and aggressive sales tactics employed by Verizon. Their system is perfectly setup for employees to take the fall. Upper management trickles down to the sales force the absolute need to sell an obscene amount of accessory dollars in a do or die type of environment. The sales force are constantly berrated, threatened, chastised, and humiliated publicly if we fail to have an impossible attachment rate with accessories with every phone we sell. Verizon has an obscene mark up on accessories. They are no longer competitive. They are thieves. A car charger costs a dollar and they want it sold for 29.99. A screen protector package costs .50 and they want it sold for 14.99. A case costs five dollars and they want it sold for 49.99. Consumers are not stupid and are smart enough to buy from Amazon and other low priced leaders. Verizon forces us to be extremely aggressive with consumers and if they refuse to buy accessories from us Verizon implements threats and reminders of how we will be fired for failing our sales score card. The tension from managers is so unbearable that we just go along with their desires even if it costs us losing friendship and the trust of our customers. The greed of Verizon is huge and they mistreat the employees who do not force unneeded, unwanted, and unnecessary accessories on consumers. Verizon leaders tell us that we take a major hit on cell phones and that we lose money and that it takes close to two years for Verizon to make a profit for subsidizing a phone that costs 600 dollars retail down to 2oo dollars as an example, yet when a consumer purchases a phone at retail cost Verizon still forces us to sell a minimum of 65 dollars in accessories to the consumer, and it begs the question…..why? If there is no loss on a retail phone why is the same attachment rate forced on our sale? The reason is that Verizon is extremely greedy and they want to give huge pay outs to their stock holders and upper management. I barely make money because I cannot sell service to a consumer that only wants a cell phone with no accessories. Management encourages me to lie to the consumer and even tell them to buy online or go to indirect retailers for their purchases because we do not want to take the “hit” on losses. It’s all a sick game of psychological war games in the name of greed. Verizon refuses to compete with the ebays and Amazon type deals and consumers are much smarter in this economy and yet are unaware of all the psychological harassment their salesperson goes through and that they will lose their jobs ultimately when accessories are not being sold. May we find a voice and a way to put an end to all the abuses at Verizon, and this is just a tip of the iceberg

  2. Derrick Stafford says:

    Before I quit, they were pushing heavy with this ‘1 year contract’ crap at Verizon Wireless retail. Before I get into the shady and illegal aspects of it, just from a sales perspective it was stupid. A small minority was pushing this to make some special project look good and impress their superiors, They were slave driving sales people to get people into 1 year contracts with promises of overage protection minutes and texts and then encouraging the people to get a phone as well(it would override the 1 year with a 2 year at that point). Only problem was the sales person and store only got credit for the 1 year, halving the dollar amount in the ‘sales bucket’. Despite myself and several people pleading that this would destroy us in a few months, it was forced and pursued(although not by some of us much to the dismay of the managers). Sure enough, a few months later, it was a giant panic as we weren’t getting the proper contract renewals when, shockingly they’d already committed to one years. While this was going on, there was insane pressure from those in management who were looking to impress with this initiative. Vague sales tactics and dancing around the fact it was a 1 year contract were practiced on the reg. Many times, I’d hear no mention of the 1 year contract, rather ‘if you’re going to stay with us for another year, I can give you ______’. People would come in and fly off the handle. What was being done was highly illegal, and when brought up to management, had a NOT AS LONG AS YOU GET A VERBAL COMMITMENT. Great, I have a C- high school student telling me what’s legal and what’s not. By far the worst and most disgusting place I’ve ever worked for.

  3. asianiam says:

    Crazy reading all this, I worked at a store that was formally Alltel. In the beginning we were very accepting of the merge that is till we realized we were not really welcome and the overall goal was to get rid of us. Although I was quickly promoted to management, it became somewhat troublesome that one by one employees were going out on medical leave due to emotional distress. I consider myself a pretty strong person, but soon found myself in medical leave as well. I’m one store alone there were 5 employees out for mental stress. Was that not a sign??? I worked with 2 women that had been with Alltel for over 10 years, when it was made clear to me that I had to get rid of them it convince them to drop down from sales to customer service and take a pay cut. .. that was the end for me. .. my conscience just couldn’t do it, I literally had a melt down. I walked away, son after found out they were fired. I made excellent wages there…but to me it was not worth it.I hope you are successful with your fight.

  4. Stacey says:

    i just submitted a wrongful termination claim thru the Labor Board here in Sacramento…You just gave me the motivation to go one step further…Tyhankyou
    i hope you and your family are recovering from this,,,,,

  5. Phone Boy says:

    I too, have had the unfortunate opportunity to experience Verizon’s tactics of verbal and mental abuse, not only as a sales representative, but now as a field technician as well. As others have stated, Verizon does pay its employees a fair wage, only because of the various unions that fight for this, otherwise, Verizon would be paying its employees Walmart wages. Verizons primary goal is to rid itself of all union employees and they will do whatever it takes to make this happen. In the sales office myself and hundreds of others endured daily threats from management because the pressure to “sell” was constantly being forced down the throats of lower management by their superiors. The reason I put the word sell in quotation marks is because what we were forced to do in most cases wasn’t actually selling, it was more like manipulating a conversation with the customer in order to put services on their account that either they didn’t want, need or in any way benefit from. If you cooperated with this “sales process” you were handsomely rewarded with prerouted sales calls, monthly bonus checks and trips around the country but if you had a conscience and refused to “follow the process”, look out because your ass was grass. The office I worked out of was visited on a weekly basis by an ambulance that would treat employees for cases of what I can only describe as panic attacks that were brought about from the amount of stress and anxiety that was placed on an individuals shoulders. On a daily basis I would watch and listen to all levels of management as they would praise the employees who lied…… sorry, I meant the employees that were best at following the sales process and as a result posted the best numbers. I was literally at the point of a nervous breakdown myself when the opportunity to move into the outside world of Verizon as a field technician presented itself. I was happy to jump on the opportunity, as I was determined not to join the countless others who were getting through work each day thanks to a variety of antidepressant and anxiety medications. The first couple of years, I must admit, were fabulous. As a technician you were given your daily work log, you went out, completed it and were pretty much left alone. I actually loved going into work every day, it was crazy. Unfortunately, those days too have come and gone. Since the new regime from Verizon Wireless has taken over Verizon Communications (a.k.a. Fios and other home services), the outside world of Verizon has turned into a micromanaged and unsafe work environment just like the sales office, the only difference being, on the outside, you are up against different dangers such as electrocution, falls from poles and ladders, traffic accidents, etc. Technicians are both verbally and electronically (through emails and texts) threatened and harassed on a daily basis by management for not meeting certain quotas, much like a sales representative on the inside. As technicians we are constantly being given more and more work and tasks to accomplish on a daily basis and at the same time, less and less time to fulfill these demands that are placed upon us. The result of this management style is an increase in fatalities, injuries, accidents, and overall an entirely angry and disgruntled workforce. I could continue on for hours with all that I have seen and experienced in a relatively short period of time. The bottom line is that Verizons one and only concern is the shareholder. Verizon management in most cases are simply peons that are given the go ahead by corporate big wigs to do and say whatever is necessary in order to keep the multi-billion dollar money machine moving forward, regardless of the physical, mental or economic damage that is being experienced by not only employees but customers and the public at large as well. I wish you the best of luck at bringing this life wrecking money machine to its knees.

    • Ty so much for sharing, its sad that we even have stories like this, May God Bless you and stay strong!


    • Carolyn says:

      Couldn’t agree more! I have worked at Verizon for over 33 years (most as an outside tech) and have seen the decline of the work place. As a Union representative, I knew how bad the Business office end Operator services were being treating but never imagined the same unethical management tactics would be used outside of those environments.
      It is pure and simple greed and Union Busting. It seems the preservation of the business has taken a back seat to profits today. Unfortunately, I believe Verizon is not the only company running in this manner. I know for a fact that my Union brothers and sisters in the western states are facing the same treatment from their telcom employers.

      As far as fighting this through our Unions,Verizon has taken the position that they will discipline now, regardless of the facts and “let the Union sort it out.:”. Are Unions are stonewalled in our negotiated grievance process, often waiting months to even have our issues heard. The management team will rarely listen to facts and just pretty much says no twice, leaving the only option to have the issue heard in an arbitration hearing. Many issues are not eligible for arbitration and arbitration hearings are very expensive. (An attempt to break the Union financially?) we are forced to take our fights to the governmental agencies that may be able to provide relief. These agencies will often not act on any complaint until the internal grievance process has been exhausted. Verizon management drags their feet in scheduling meetings, providing documentation needed and our members suffer. Again…..UNION BUSTING at it’s finest.

      If under Citizens United, corporations are considered people, why then cant those “people” be held accountable for the mental, physical and financial harm they are continuing to cause? If any person inflicted as much pain and suffering on another, they would be fined and or jailed. Just sayin….

  6. Ashley Gast says:

    I am a recently fired, Ex Verizon employee….4.5 years employed with no reprimands, data champion for over a year, (teaching wireless workshops with 5-25+ students outside of my regular shift) March madness winner, 2011 winners circle, HPC queen, etc. Then, new management came on board and within 4.5 months, FIRED. Of course I have a LONG story too, but I will save the details…I was terminated and told to “call HR for the details.” You probably don’t believe me, so it’s a good thing I recorded it. The nature of my management and their bold faced lies drove me to start recording….everything. Above, Verizon is called thieves bc of their expensive accessories, but I have proof and documentation of my manager actually stealing, and then tried to cover it up. I was a witness, used the chain of command and told my immediate supervisor, who swept it under the rug! I was now a target…within a few short months, I was deemed a troublemaker, and was even told this BY HR! …”that I must like to get managers in trouble.”
    We will see who gets “in trouble” soon.
    I still do not sleep well at night because of their injustice and the crap my family has endured from Verizon. I am grateful to have come across this website!!!

    • Asley,

      Congratulations on all your accomplishments that alone tells me the person that you are. When I was at my trial we spoke about all that I have accomplished and of course Verizon deflated them. This was expected as evil lurked evil.

      I am sorry to hear about your termination as I know it bothers you because you did so well and you did the right thing but they stick together, it’s a hard mold to break. They will continue to do evil acts and their price will not be paid here on earth but in Gods world.

      I to loss sleep and that is not good at all. I created the web site for the same reason you said, you were happy to find it, as your not alone!

      May God Bless You!


  7. Still Employed says:

    I am still currently employed at VZW because where I live I will never find another job that pays like this one. That being said, I now travel 3 hours a day to come to work. I do this because the same manager Ashley Gast referred to was my manager until 7/1/2012. I demanded a transfer because the manager had on multiple occasions deliberately discriminated against me because of my sexual orientation. Not allowing my bereavement time when my spouse (of 10 years) grandmother and a year later grandfather passed away. Specifically being told that in our state we were not married so I did not qualify. Both occasions and many other issues such as allowing my fellow employees to mock and laugh at me, were taken to HR. She was ‘coached’ but since those things continued we see how well that worked. I almost lost my spouse and was in the worst depression because of this. I had to initiate a solution which now after going on 2 years has required me to travel 1.5 hours one way to my job. This was all brought back to light and to the attention of a new district manager when I met Ashley and this manager came to her location. We met with them and HR, their answer for me was to take advantage of the free counseling that Verizon offers as I am an angry person. Since then we have lost a great employee in Ashley and I feel as if VZW is lying and hiding the fact that here in the South, I as a lesbian am allowed to be treated this way! I stay here for the fact that my spouse DOES get recognized and has insurance! Very frustrating not having my voice heard!! Thanks for the site, good to know that we are not alone!

    • Once again I can say I’m not shocked by Verizon’s acts. They are consistent at treating employees like shit.

      It is sad to know we come through this world only one time and we are cored to be treated so bad for a pay check!

      Ashley should be honored to have you for a friend she’s wonderful and accomplished so much.

      One day I hope the world is a better place for all of us no matter what color we are or our sexual preferences!


  8. Fed Up says:

    Hi Neal,
    Ironically I just spoke to an “Employee Relations Manager” yesterday at Verizon Wireless regarding my situation. A little about me.. I am 39 and have been in B2B and other sales positions with the company for 4 years. I took the job after a layoff in the bad recession and thought Verizon would be a great fit. Boy was I wrong!! I am not glad to hear others are being tortured but I am glad to hear that it is not just me! I was really starting to think I was a bad employee because of the way that I have been treated. This company is rotten to the core and I am doing everything I can to make them squirm. Currently I am five months pregnant and have been getting harassed by my manager and her boss. I wish I could say it just started but I have been abused by this group for over two years now. I went to HR and that only made matters worse when they started retaliating. Any advice would be great!

  9. You wish says:

    I hear you- how can Verizon harrass so much employees and get away with it! The service techs have been working 12 hour shifts for the past three weeks with no days off. Today one of those tired and over worked techs drilled into a main and got severe burns across his body. It is something that needs attention.

  10. Michael Larsen says:

    Verizon is the devil. As a “contingent” worker for them, I have never seen such a display of negative mis management. Nasty hateful & diceptive managers. The toilet needs to be flushed in the manager dept & no promoting from with in. Modernize & evolve from your evil outdated hateful disrespectful ways.

  11. Jonna wolf says:

    I filed a complaint to hr reguarding sexual harassment. They spent over a month looking at film saying that my story didnt add up. The sm was allowed to come back today. Im in fear that they will now come after me. Im lost, scared, hurt, and crushed. I dont know what to do.

  12. Shawnda Miley says:

    I want to be the voice of all the innocent people that have been hurt by Verzion and all of its DBA’s …
    It sickens me to my core the way they treat people and the games they play when you work for them ..
    They treat you like a slave ! They make fun of you if you don’t go along with crazy day to day drinking and drug filled work place . You are a nerous wreck and can’t function if you do not comply with what they want and play their game ..
    I almost died while working at Verzion ( Tampa office 610 Zack St )
    I’m not the only one – My good friend Derek Williams did die while working there ..At the hand of Susan Graves ..And many more ..
    If you want to hear the rest of the store please email me at

  13. Penny's Husband says:

    For me, after GTE/VZ abused me, it does not matter… BECAUSE I GOT WHAT I DESERVED!

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