Possible Prosecution Time for Verizon Managers in Massachusetts

August 22, 2013

Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office
Attn: District Attorney Timothy Cruz
32 Belmont Street
Brockton, MA. 02301

Ref: Investigation into Verizon Communication – Tampering of Evidence, Obstruction of Justice, Conspired to Cover up a Crime, Conspiracy of Silence, Perjury, Bullying, Actively Obstructed Justice, Racial Harassment, Intimidation, Threats, Aggravated Harassment, Discrimination and Civil Rights Violations and Malicious and Repetitive Harassment .

My name is Neal W. Dias and I live at 645 Marvel Street in Swansea Massachusetts. I am reaching out to you today as I have evidence that my civil and federal rights were violated while working at and partook in investigations at Verizon Communications from 2004 – 2013;
I am a victim of several crimes including and violations against my Civil Rights as a Black Male while working at Verizon Communications as a Manager, and I am pursuing a criminal complaints with the Swansea Massachusetts Police Department.

I would have made official complaints earlier but I had to gain the appropriate information, facts and evidence to prove my case over time. Now I have all that I need and it’s completed based on depositions, evidence and the completion of a civil trial.

I am a former Highly Decorated U.S. Marine, and I have exhausted all my avenues while seeking corrective actions internally and externally while at Verizon Communications. I have been considerably patient while asking for justice and using the appropriate agencies in the process.

In 2004 when I decided to make a stand against inappropriate mistreatment to Verizon employees in general, the punishment and targeting began to evolve. One form of retaliation and punishment was that I had to sit in the back of the room in a corner, as I was not allowed to choose where I sat while attending some Directors Meetings at Verizon. I had to listen to Verizon management tell me that because I’m black, I will never be an equal. I had to sit there and listen to Verizon management state that blacks were stupid and less deserving, and that our positions were only granted to us because of Affirmative Action. I had to sit and listen to why female black lesbians were hired and promoted as well as listen to the type of foods black people like to eat.
This was just the beginning of many acts to follow at Verizon.

Throughout this journey I have expected Verizon and others to do the right thing, and protect me as it is my right to proceedings, and a proper investigation, free from unreasonable delays or further injustice. In the process, it was vital that when I tried to resolve these issues, and then was forced to take the appropriate actions to protect myself as my Civil Rights were in fact being violated.

I first put all my trust and faith in Verizon as I was under the impression their support systems would help and stop these abusive acts, but it didn’t. I was now forced to be victimized only further and endured more harassment, racial harassment, racial torment, sabotaging of my work, targeted, discrimination against and retaliation for asking for these acts to stop. It took until March of 2013 to get all the evidence we needed to prove that crimes were in fact committed.

Why so long, as you know when people conspire and lie, the more you question them, the more they cannot remember the truth. After numerous depositions, the gathering of mountains of evidence for the trial, and getting employees at Verizon to testify, the facts are complete and investigation now needs to be done on the criminal aspects of this case..

We now have proof that Verizon “Tampering of Evidence, Obstruction of Justice, Conspired to Cover up a Crime, Conspiracy of Silence, Perjury, Bullying, Actively Obstructed Justice, Racial Harassment, Aggravated Harassment, Discrimination, Civil Rights Violations and Malicious intent to Create Harm .” They seriously obstructed justice avoiding vital evidence to surface to stop the abusive that I was forced to endure. They did this with intent to deny me of justice within Verizon, the Federal EEOC Division, the Massachusetts Commissions Against Discrimination and in Federal Civil Court. They did this with full knowledge of my Federal Civil Rights, they knew they were violating it with no remorse or concern. They had full knowledge and understanding of the State and Federal statute of limitations as it applies to the times of filing a claim in State or Federal Civil Courts and evidence was time warranted but I believe criminal acts in which they committed is not time warranted, and I am asking your department to assist me in following through with criminal complaints against Verizon and its accomplices as I have the full list of them all.

I now have proof from the Federal depositions we took, Verizon’s own evidence they turned over, Federal and State Response Statements Verizon turned in, my evidence and the court records that in fact a conspiracy and obstruction of justice was indeed performed by Verizon and its members. I now have evidence that a Federal Crime was in fact committed, covered up and I was deliberately set up to be terminated as an act of revenge and retaliation for filing several racial discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims against Verizon and its members.

In the spring of 2011, I also had learned that Verizon’s EEO Officer had lied to the Federal EEOC and a State Agency (The Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination) on a position statement taken in 2007. I brought the facts forwards to the MCAD / EEOC about the criminal acts to the attention of the Federal EEOC Office and the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination and they responded, “It is not there jurisdiction to file or prosecute for criminal acts or anyone that lies in any of their responses to them, even though its tampering with evidence and the obstruction of justice.”

Believe me when I state, if my Civil Rights were not hampered with and I did not have all the evidence or proof of these acts, I would never be making an official criminal complaint today.

It is my Federal Right to a reasonable, accurate and timely notice involving a crime. I reported the Federal Crimes to many Verizon managers, Verizon EEO, Verizon Corporate Security and all the way up to the Verizon CEO and was lied to, left unprotected and further racial harassment I was forced to endure. Verizon stated at one point that they were investigating and lead me on for two years, intentionally delaying me to buy time and further delayed justice and protect the well-connected perpetrators. Verizon also reported the same false information to the Federal EEOC / MCAD as well that they were looking into this for two years. We found out later that they “NEVER” spoke to the managers that were racially tormenting me and further protected them.

They filed a response lying that my Federal Complaints were handled but they never were.

Verizon also led me, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination to believe that they did the right thing but we found out several years later in depositions that their own evidence proved they “CLOSED” out my complaints of racial harassment in “6 months,” but reported it took two years. This was with intent to conspire to use up as much time as possible to place a roadblock in my Federal Filings in Civil Court to get evidence dismissed in my case as time was of essence.
Verizon and Verizon EEO Officer Mr. Paul McGovern (who is an attorney in Massachusetts) and admitted in depositions that he has full knowledge of the policies, laws and filings as well as timelines. Verizon with intent obstructed justice in a Federal Investigation denying me a timely and reasonable investigation. This crime disallowed me proper justice.

The Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination and The Federal EEOC never received the truth from Verizon as was under the assumption that Verizon’s EEO was truthfully conducting a bias investigation and submitted statements under the law to be truthful and honest, they lied to them with intent to obstruct justice and committed a Federal Crime.

I was advised by an upper level minority manager (Area Operation Manager – Mr. Laz Lopez) prior to making complaints to the Verizon’s EEO and Verizon’s Security Officer’s; that if I decided to report these acts of racial harassment, racial torment, racial jokes and bullying, I would be blackballed, retaliated against and it was career sabotage my career would be over. Mr. Lopez also stated this to two other minority managers within Verizon of these as well; when they came to him for advice because of the racial harassment they endured while working at Verizon as well. Verizon put the fear of GOD into these two female black managers within Verizon that if they reported racial harassment or discriminative act, they would never advance and be blackballed, and used me as an example of my demise caused by them.

In 2011 my attorney had depositions and did a fine job at seeking out answers. After Verizon put up several roadblocks from her obtaining them. In March, from the 11th – 15th I had a trial in Boston Massachusetts at the Federal Courthouse. It was there that these Verizon managers and a former Verizon manager did indeed further perjure themselves, and secured the evidence needed to prove conspiracy and retaliation onto me. I now have the additional proof because of that trial.

When you raise your hand to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, that’s what should happen, but people do lie. When they lie, and it’s with malicious intent, they have to be held accountable for their actions, isn’t that justice? True justice cannot be enacted when we have unjust citizens lying in a Federal Courtroom and on Federal Depositions thinking there will be no consequences from it. Civil courts you may, not seek retribution because the evidence is looked at in a civil manner not criminal but I am now seeking criminal justice for the pain Verizon and its accomplices have done to my wonderful family.

I was advised by the District Attorney Sam Sutter’s Office to process this criminal complaint through my local police department, so I am anticipating that someone will please contact me soon on the progression of these complaints that I am bringing forward.

My family and I have fought for justice for so many years at Verizon, just to be victimized once again by the most powerful company in the world – VERIZON! I can prove without a shadow of a doubt that these people above did lie and perjure themselves and continued to laugh at our judicial system.

We have one of my former managers was summoned in and stated she was pressured by upper management to give me a bad evaluation and was told to call Verizon HR when giving me my evaluation so certain language will be used. That pattern of the
language carried with me from mid-2005 through 2008 when I was terminated. Verizon conspired to terminate me and try to make it look as it was not planned, but evidence will prove otherwise, they intentionally set it up, because I made filed internally with their EEO and externally with the Federal EEOC. This same manager was pressured from upper management to treat me horrible and to provide me with bad evaluations, only to further set the motion for my dismal. My termination was premeditated and I was executed on December 13, 2008.

My Federal Civil Rights were violated!

When I was misled and though Verizon was helping to protect me and come to my aid, in reality they were protecting the perpetrators instead while conspiring to terminate me.

My Constitutional Rights were violated, and Verizon conspired to create a Federal Crime which was title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1967. Verizon committed perjury, tampered with evidence and conspired to retaliate against me as well as withheld evidence in my investigation, and the investigation of the Federal Government.

I am asking District Attorney’s Office to investigate and prosecute Verizon and Verizon Subsidiaries and the following Verizon Employees and or Retired Verizon Employees (all below) of the crimes of: “Tampering of Evidence, Obstruction of Justice, Conspired to Cover up a Crime, Conspiracy of Silence, Perjury, Bullying, Actively Obstructed Justice, Racial Harassment, Aggravated Harassment, Discrimination, Civil Rights Violations and Malicious intent to Create Harm.”

Mr. Paul McGovern (Verizon’s EEO Officer) was assigned to help and protect me, and conspired to further harm me. He took the oath as an Attorney and lied and misrepresented the truth to incriminate and to defraud Verizon’s policy against reporting illegal and unethical acts under the federal laws of a protected class.

Verizon testified in depositions that they receive about 104,000 EEO complaints a year; this is almost 50% of their workforce complaining of EEO violations. Verizon hires worldwide law firms to help deny their employees of justice by tying them up in legal paperwork and motions that confuse and deter justice and it works for them. They manipulate the truth and continue to harm their employees because if the unlimited monetary resources Verizon has. But they cannot do that with you.

I know what happened to me, I cannot imagine how many more are covered up and employees abused. This has gone on too long and I am asking for your help in this matter. They had a corporate, state and federal obligation to help, protect and investigate many abusive situations and neglected to do so.

Everything that I have placed before you, I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt and I will provide you with as much time, documentation and witnesses as possible – whatever you need.

I stood up for others within Verizon for the same reason I am still fighting today. It started because I was sick to my stomach watching manager’s harm, non-management employees because they felt they could. I stood up for justice and the right to come to work free of hostility, or discrimination and pain. I refused close to a $500,000 pay-off from Verizon at Christmas of 2012 because I don’t care about the money! What I care about it accountability and justice. I want justice for what they have done to my family, others and myself. You need to help me stop this abuse so many have been forced to endure for a pay check. This half of a million dollars was a payment to be quite for life because that’s not justice and others will still continue to struggle with the fear of going to work at Verizon and the fear of reprisal, I told them to keep it, I want accountability not money!

I have statements of other managers that were told of the retaliation they will endure if they ever complained about being bullied.

I will also hand over to you hundreds of statements, emails and letters from Verizon employees from all over this nation proving this becomes a national issue of anus and neglect on Verizon’s part to do the right thing.

This is not about revenge it’s about justice. It’s about a good us citizen, a good parent, a good father, a community organizer, A national advocate for workplace bullying and a former honorably decorated U.S Marine fighting for his life and the life of his family.
I did everything I was supposed to do to succeed in life. I treated people well, I was respectful, I served my country, and I received 2 degrees and worked hard. Today I’m broke and forced to claim bankruptcy, foreclosing on my home, struggling to support my
family and was wrongfully terminated by Verizon, because I was doing the right thing, and this should have not happened to me.

You cannot suppress people and put the fear of God in then if they speak up about being treated poorly. Verizon threatens ones livelihood on a daily basis and continues to get away with it because of they have more money to continue to tie the small law firms up, and they cannot afford it. Verizon was counting on the Statue of limitations as to their advantage to conspire, and it worked. They lied to State and Federal Agencies for their benefit and they feel they got away with it.

I am asking for accountability and a full investigation for; conspiring to obstruct justice, lying in an investigation, perjury, making false statements, intent to withhold critical evidence in a Federal Violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Verizon deliberately with malice led me in to believe Verizon was investigating a Federal Offense and to stop me from further discrimination, racial harassment and retaliation based on my color.

Justice needs to be served as we have fought for equality through the political process through the years and in 2013 I am fighting it alone for the racial injustice by Verizon.

What my family and I have been through is sad and heartbreaking and all I ask is for justice. No one and I meant no one should have had to suffer the enormous pain we have when you actually stood up for the right thing.
Verizon admitted in Federal Depositions in the spring of 2011 that they (Verizon’s one EEO) receive over 104,000 Unethical Complaints a year. This in is equivalent to 2,000 a week. Verizon has 253,000 employees and just about ½ of them are complaining internally each year. 2,000 Verizon employees are complaining of abusive, immoral and illegal behavior each week, and nothing is getting done about it because Verizon threatens termination if employees complain further and are blackballed if complaining to the police or any other external legal entities.

I am not asking you for help, I am begging you to relieve me of this pain of being a victim from Verizon’s wrath and monetary power and justice. You are my last resort, please do not fail me, I have no- where else to turn. Verizon and the Verizon employees committed this crime with malicious intent to create harm on to me.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King

Neal Dias

My Story:

My Speeches:
Was invited by Representative Katherine M. Clark to speak in front of the Massachusetts

Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, a public hearing for HB 1766 “The Healthy Workplace Bill.” June 25, 2013
Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in Boston Massachusetts July 7, 2012 (Video):

Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in New York April 30, 2012 (Video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6pPe2gqGRI&feature=share

Civil Rights and Anti-Bullying Leadership Summit in Hartford Connecticut at the Legislators Building, August 9, 2012
**(Neal W. Dias – fast forward to 02:41:56 – 02:56:09)**

National Workplace Bullying Press Conference in Washington DC October 15th 2012


Huffington Post Article:
Title: Verizon: Plenty Of Good Middle Class Jobs But Would You Want To Work There?


About justiceatverizon

Neal W. Dias – Bio I am a 46 year old former U.S. Marine, who was brought up by my father, due to my mother passing away when I was 8 years old. I have five children, and a grandchild and a wonderful wife. I was born in 1965, in Fall River Massachusetts. I lived on the 2nd floor from my Grandmother. I come from a very large family Cape Verdean family. In 1973 we moved from the city, into the suburban neighborhood, a place called Swansea. It was that year when I lost my mother in an auto mobile accident. In 1984 I went into the U.S. Marines which enforced respect for one self and our Nation. After getting out of the Marines, I furthered my education and received my first degree, which was in Electrical Technology. In 1997 I was hired by Nynex (now called Verizon), as a lineman. In 2004 I was promoted to manager as I was in the process of working on my second degree in Business Management and advanced to upper management, rapidly. I was a valued leader on the Verizon Diversity Committee, and spoke at several locations. I was on the Diversity committee and was directly responsible for ensure the first ever Verizon’s Diversity Week went on without any hitches. I was awarded for my success in New York by the Verizon New England President. I was apart of other specialized organizations within Verizon to ensure my voice was heard as I stood up against Bullying, Harassment, Racism and Discrimination was not accepted with the Verizon walls. But it was in 2004 when I was promoted, I began to see Verizon employees getting bullied and tormented by Verizon Management. I did what I through was best, and tried to halt the bullying that was taking place at Verizon, then it shifted to me. After standing up against the powers to be, trying to help others I was targeted, harassed, bullied, discriminated against, endured racial harassment and eventually wrongfully terminated. I was brought up with the belief of how you treat people, is how you will be treated. It was embedded into my mind that respect was how it will be in my family. My father said, “Respect people, work hard and life will treat you kind.” This was the belief of a man who was discriminated against for so many years, because of his color, but never changed his values. I knew then, I cannot walk away like so many others that have had to endure such cruelty, and that this bullying issue is larger than me. After seven and a half years my story is still is not over as I am still in federal court in Boston Massachusetts awaiting the second summary of judgment decision. I will continue to fight for justice and my honor. I now have committed my life to help others, and started a blog page which has acquired over 13,000 readings and over 1,500 comments in only a few months. After hearing all these stories, I knew I had to do something and became an advocate for workplace bulling. This is when I stumbled upon “New York Healthy Workplace Advocates.” On April 30, 2012 I was honored to have spoken in Albany New York at the Capital a National Campaign on Workplace Bullying. I am an active Advocate to this cause, in Massachusetts. I have helped to organize many in the fight against Verizon and other companies in the war against bullying in corporate America. I have helped to guide so many to resources to guide these victims in the fight against any form of harassment or discrimination in the workplace, as this is my mission. Neal W. Dias 645 Marvel Street Swansea, MA. 02777 774-319-3931 Fightingfor7years@hotmail.com Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in New York April 30, 2012 (Video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6pPe2gqGRI&feature=share Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in New York April 30, 2012 (Newspaper Article): http://blog.timesunion.com/capitol/archives/128768/savino-englebright-push-bill-to-fight-workplace-bullying/
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3 Responses to Possible Prosecution Time for Verizon Managers in Massachusetts

  1. Neal, your story is an inspirational one..and I myself, a social worker, and single mother, cannot thank YOU enough for having the integrity to stand up for justice for those who would have doubtfully had or would have had the courage to do the same for you, or others, for that matter. By staying true to your heart and conscience despite knowing you were only armed with a knife going into a gun battle as the saying goes..is the definition of hero to me. While may may say your story is bound to be on the big screen on day. Unfortunately, while this might be good thing, if only to raise awareness, Hollywood is in the business to sell movies & WILL gloss and glamorize it almost beyond recognition. I know to a small degree what you have been through and still suffer daily. In about 2 more months, I too, will likely lose what I have known for over 20 yrs. as home..why? I guess because a few with big money silences the masses who still think that their predicament CAN get worse if they use their voice and stand up, just as you did for what is a human but not yet legal right. Like French all those years ago, and like Tracy Chapman sings.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rZbvi6Tj6E# perhaps this is what it will ultimately has to come to..but, I certainly hope not. Let Freedom Ring! ~

    • Marilyn,

      Comments like yours is the reason why I know that I cannot stop. On days when I am so tired then I read something like this when I need that extra push it help so ty! I love your comment so much I am placing it into my book if you do not mind?

      Ty and never give up!

      Your friend – Neal

  2. sorry about my typo’s perhaps should’ve used spell ck!! 😮

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